Program Details - 22246 Equine Studies - Certificate II - Eastern Fleurieu School

Program Title22246 Equine Studies - Certificate II - Eastern Fleurieu School
Industry SectorPrimary Industries
DescriptionThe Certificate II in Equine Studies is primarily an entry level vocational qualification which will enable successful graduates to apply for employment in different sectors of the equine industry in roles such as stable hands or stud hands. This course does not involve horse riding. Most employment in the equine industry is related to handling of horses, not horse riding. This course assists students to develop a foundation understanding of horses, their behaviour, care, nutrition and anatomy and physiology.
PathwaysAs an entry level qualification, this course may lead to careers in Racing, Horse Breeding or Equine Performance. The course gives students the essential knowledge and skills to pursue careers and interests in the equine industry. As a Certificate II the course provides a sound foundation for building more specialised skills in breeding, performance or racing industry sectors.
Program Length4 semesters (2 years)
CoursesThe following courses are offered within this program

Certificate II Equine Studies
Host    : Eastern Fleurieu School
Location(s) : Eastern Fleurieu School
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